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MMTTA can be contacted through our email address so just click here:

Committee members of the MMTTA are as follows:

President Dennis Sargeant  
Chairman John P Smith
Vice-Chairman Suzanne Brown  
Minutes Secretary Lyn Rimmer  
Treasurer Jill Smith  
Membership Jan Caddie  
Events position vacant  
Newsletter Editor John Smith  
Schools Liaison position vacant  
Hospitality Janet Cary  
Town Councillor Camilla Keighley  
Committee Alison Rae  
Committee Peter Bailey  
Committee Wilma Johnston-Ball  
Committee Caroline Wesson  
Committee Helen Glover  
Committee Patricia Hall  
Des Amis du Jumelage de Marly-le-Roi:  
Président Patrick Gautier  
Vice-Présidente Marlow Dominique Aupépin