Who are we? Answer Marlow Marly-Le-Roi Town Twinning Association (MMTTA), Twinned with Marly-Le-Roi, France. Marlow is also Twinned with Budavar which is a district within Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
How many members? Answer About 150 but growing all the time.
How long? Answer MMTTA (then known as MTTA) was started in 1980 but Marlow itself has been Twinned with Marly-Le-Roi since 1972.
Where is Marly? Answer It’s south west of Paris, between Versailles and St Germain-en-Laye. A 20km train ride (SNCF) from Marly station takes you into Gare St Lazare in central Paris. Google map (may use cookies).
What is Marly like? Answer Similar to Marlow; A population of circa 16,000; Close to the River Seine; Old and new parts; Wonderful parks, friendly people, great hotels, restaurants and sports facilities.
Worth a visit? Answer Absolutely yes! Apart from the nearness to Paris and Versailles, Marly itself is full of interest for example; the Chateau de Monte-Cristo, home of Alexandre Dumas; the impressionists’ walking route – see where Monet, Renoir, Sisley and Pissaro created so many of their famous works; the royal park and its beautiful surroundings. There really is a lot to see and do!